Wednesday, April 17

Cara Disable Proximity Sensor

Apabila Anda Membuat panggilan Skrin Anda Matikan Ini kerana Proximity Sensor
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The proximity sensor is common on most smart-phones, the ones that have a touchscreen. This is because the primary function of a proximity sensor is to disable accidental touch events. The most common scenario being- The ear coming in contact with the screen and generating touch events, while on a call.

To solve the "I didn't take that stupid picture, my ear did" issue, device manufacturers came up with the idea of a placing a proximity sensor close to the speaker, which will then detect any object in the vicinity of the speaker. If any object is present (ex. user's ear), then the touch events can be assumed to be accidental & ignored.

Now there are various technologies for proximity sensing:
  • Electrical (Inductive, Capacitive)
  • Optical. (IR, Laser)
  • Magnetic.
  • Sonar.

Of all these, the most non-intrusive and low-cost modules are the optical proximity sensors. These can detect bodies in the vicinity of the device upto 5cm. This is perfect for use on smart-phones.

Coming to Sensors on Android-Gingerbread, the proximity sensor is often implemented using a light sensor chip. Common ones are ISL29003/23 & GP2A by Intersil & Sharp respectively. Both these sensor-chips are primarily active light sensors, which provide the ambient light intensity in LUX units.

CARA : Go To Settings, Then Call Settings,Advanced Settings And Untick The "Turn On Proximity Sensor