Thursday, March 31

Facebook Web Search Box May Be Dangerous

Facebook users be warned: If you see a second search box at the top of your personal page, don’t use it

haaa... munkin korang x prasan kn... ataupn ade yg perasan yg fb korang ade 2 tmpt tuk search..
korang hti2 la.. jgn sesuka hati je seacrh kt search box yg 1 lg tu..

In the image, the standard box that lets you search Facebook is visible at the top of the page, but just to the right of it is another search box reading “Search the Web.”

Some tech news sites and blogs speculated that Facebook was testing out its own search engine, perhaps to challenge Google or to partner with a Google competitor such as Blekko or Microsoft’s Bing.

The Facebook representative, however, said it’s likely a hack.

“We believe the second search field or ‘Search the Web’ box appeared on people’s accounts as the result of unknown actions by a third party targeting the browser (potentially a browser plugin or malware) unrelated to Facebook,” he or she told Search Engine Land.

P/S: eheheh hrap korang pham.. aq mls nk translate..


Tok Esah April 1, 2011 at 12:32 AM

uih!!! bahaya nie.. TQ share info

Shazwan April 1, 2011 at 12:32 AM

leh kantai search nih..hhehehehe